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A Brief Guide To Moving Walk Away And Escalator Experience

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Moving walkway can also be referred to as a travelator, it a moving plane that conveys people from one point to another in a walk away of an airport. It is powered by automobile engines referred to as a standard escalator type drive


It uses track steps for movement, a handrail is fixed on it for people to hold on to when riding on the moving walk away.


The moving walk away is featured with some functions like an emergency button that stops the engine when engaged as well as a key switch that immediately switches the course of the walk away or restarts the moving walk away.


Airports, stations, and stores always make use of airport walk away to ease the movement of people wherever they are going inside the airport be it between the floors, or a straight long terminal.


Recently, they will be an increase in foot traffic mostly during holidays and everyone observe the social contract while moving in public places, and some people don't understand the simple transit protocols or probably they don't care about it.

During holiday travels below are some rules that govern moving walk away which includes;


1. Always stand right and walk left on the walk away

On the walk away always stand on the right and leave the left side for does walking to go;  people like using the walk away stationary, but it would be very rude if you left lanner to blink their eye on them as the right lanner pass.


However, it very annoying when you see people stopping on the walk away to pick calls and also play with their phone, it unproductive at the end of the day because people won't be able to move, the long queue will be formed on the moving walk away.


There is a common saying that if you are walking take the stairs because people of the 21st century walk up and down with the escalators, 30 seconds can make a difference for getting late at work or missing a train, or catching up a flight.


Trust me you won’t want to meet with a late passenger on the moving walk away trying to catch up with a flight or passenger nearly missing a train, it a weird experience when you meet them.


2. Avoid stopping at the end or top of a walk away

Don’t always stop at the immediate top or end of a moving walk away whatever causes you to stop be it your phone can wait till you get to a safe spot where your safety is assured.


Referring to Newton first law of motion that says an object in motion stays in motion which means not a single person staying at back is standing still but are moving if you stay at the front or end you might be pushed off the moving walk away which nobody will be sorry about it.


3. Never crossover without warning

At the beginning of the moving walk away, you either decided to walk on the left side or stand on the right while using the walk away, Don't make any haste decision to move to the right while you were walking on the right side you should have stayed on the right side from the start.


It dangerous to cross suddenly to the other side where someone is walking, just like the way you can't cross a car on the road unless you signal the car behind, you also do the same on the moving walk away signal the next person before jumping into the next person.


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