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TongKuai Elevator 2021 Sailing Conference

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On the morning of February 22nd, TongKuai Elevator held the 2021 sailing conference with the theme of "Tolden Bulls Strive to Pass the Avenue, Stride Happily" in the Jade Space founded by Li Yugang, a cheongsam town in Suzhou. Zhang Lexiang, Secretary-General of China Elevator Association, Fan Yuening, National Charity Lei Feng, Senior Media Person Chen Fengling, Chairman of the Trade Union of Jiangnan Film and Television Arts Vocational College and Deputy Dean of Aviation Flight Attendance College Hu Mingliang, founder of "Cloud Clothing and Clothing" Liang Suyun, Hu Yi and other guests Attended the conference.

 TongKuai Elevator 2021 Sailing Conference

 TongKuai Elevator 2021 Sailing Conference

At the meeting, Chairman Dong Minghui sent New Year’s greetings to the TongKuai Elevator family. Dong Minghui said in his speech that looking back on 2020, this very extraordinary year, TongKuai people gave full play to the spirit of "fighting", to bear pressure, Overcome the difficulties and have had a difficult year. Everything in the past is the prologue. 


2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and a special year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. As a private manufacturing enterprise, TongKuai Elevator will continue to uphold the belief in contributing to the Chinese national brand. Make the best elevators, strengthen elevators, and be safe elevators trusted by the common people, and continue to increase investment in innovative research, and use a higher level of technology to drive the development of the entire elevator industry.

 TongKuai Elevator 2021 Sailing Conference

Zhang Lexiang, secretary general of the China Elevator Association, also fully affirmed TongKuai Elevator's achievements in the past year, and placed high hopes on TongKuai Elevator's development in 2021, hoping that through the joint efforts of all employees, China Elevator can have an influence in the world. Step up to a new level.


At the same time, in order to boost the morale of employees, TongKuai Elevator specially invited Lei Feng, a national public welfare model, and Fan Yuening, a national model selected by the Central Propaganda Department, and Fan Yuening, a moral model in Jiangsu Province, to share their work experience. 


In his speech, he mentioned that only struggle can achieve value, and only struggle can increase influence. This has given all employees of TongKuai Elevator full of energy. In the past year, we worked hard, continued to struggle, and went forward courageously, continued to carry forward the spirit of cattle, and contributed to TongKuai Elevator's new achievements.

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