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A Set Of Escalator Was Sent To Zhejiang

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Every year, the evaluation of various escalator brands and manufacturers continue to sieve out unprofessional manufacturers in the industry.


But for us at TongKuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., we have continued to remain at the top spot as a trusted and professional brand that is loved by many.


As a matter of fact, we are one of the best in the world, especially when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality escalators, and this is the reason why we take great pride in the quality of our work and delivery.


Our team of engineers and repair technicians are always on ground to manufacture and high-quality escalators and elevators that can stand the test of time from moving people and baggage to and fro.


These exceptional qualities of ours has made the news of our high-quality services to spread across the globe as the best escalator suppliers in China, and we have various clients from all over the world requesting our services.


And most recently, we delivered a set of escalator to one of our clients in Wenzhou, Zhejiang on the 9th of September, and we were highly elated when we received the order for one of our custom-built escalators.


Upon contacting us, our client stated that they had heard the news of our highly efficient and energy-friendly escalators and went further to inform us that we came highly recommended from their business partners. 


In order to talk about the project, we scheduled a meeting with our client to discuss the specifics of their request and other details they will want to be incorporated in the manufacturing of the escalator. 


Before the end of the meeting, we ensured that we had all the information that we needed to build a custom-made escalator to their exact taste.


We closed the meeting by choosing a delivery date for their escalator and then after, we got to work immediately. 


Our highly skilled and professional team of engineers worked all round the clock to achieve an escalator that would make any shopping environment distinctive. Also, they ensured the escalator that would be energy efficient and have a little carbon footprint.


On completion of the manufacturing process of the escalator, we ran and in-house test on the escalator before it was delivered to our client, precisely on the agreed date.


Just as we expected, our Wenzhou client was really impressed about our work, and they loved the outlook of the escalator. 


To confirm that our work and delivery was top-notch, we had to put the escalator through a series of tests after the installation, and everything was confirmed to be in the right form.


Here are some words about our client’s review of the escalator

“Impeccable professionalism, impeccable customer service, impeccable delivery! We are beyond impressed by the quality and delivery of the escalator.


Tongkuai Elevators is definitely the best escalator supplier in China and they deserve a 5-star rating for their services.


From the first contact to delivery, they offered the most professional services and paid very keen attention to every details. Their team asked the right questions, listened attentively and manufactured the escalator to our exact taste.


We are grateful to have worked with them on this project and we are definitely coming back for more”


Do you need a high-quality escalator or elevator?

We are a renowned brand when it comes to the manufacture of world-class escalator, and our products and services speak for itself.


Kindly contact us for an awesome experience with our professionally customized high-quality escalators.


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