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Moving Walk Was Sent To Jinan

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Well, you may have heard or even used a moving walk before now. A moving walk is not a new technological invention, it has been in existence for many decades now.


However, it has gained quite a huge popularity in the recent times; hence the increasing demand for its use as the day goes by.



It is indispensable especially where the use of lifts would be impossible, or it can be used in combination with them.


A moving walk can move a great number of people at a given time either vertically through height or horizontally through a distance.

 moving walk

In addition, the innovation of this machine has helped to effectively reduce the energy and stress of climbing a staircase most notably in areas of usage such as airports, hotels, shopping malls, stadia, convention grounds, public buildings, and railway stations.  


As a renowned manufacturer with many years of experience, we manufacture one of the best moving walk, elevators, etc. which are used in goods and human carriage from one point to another.


Besides our years of experience, our exceptional service delivery in rolling out machines that are perfectly suited to easing the stress involved with climbing and carriage of loads on rails and stairs is next to none.  


This has made our machines to be unique and well sought after in the markets. Our clients also enjoy other services such as technical advice and instructions on how to use the machine.


To our loyal and esteemed clients, we render after-sale services by routinely sending our team of engineers to ensure that their moving walk are tested and maintained.


Recently, we had an order from one of our loyal clients from Jinan city, Shandong for the supply of our highly rated top-notched quality moving walk tothem.


Within the period of time stipulated in the business, a perfectly designed moving walk according to the required specification was made with standard materials.


Our team of engineers tested the motor with high tech devices to ensure its safety and correct functions before being shipped out to our client in Shandong.


As it is our business culture, just within the agreed time for the delivery of the moving walk, the machine was shipped to Shandong where it was installed, tested, and certified by our technical team for its proper working together with our client and his technical staff.


The moving walk delivered to our client in Shandong was a replica of our unique and outstanding quality products shipped to our clients in different parts of the world.


The successful shipping of the moving walk to Shandong was another monumental accomplishment for us as a reliable professional manufacturer of the various moving walk.


Our Client’s Feedback?

After the successful delivery of the moving walk to our client in Shandong, this was what they had to say…

“TongKuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. remains a reliable manufacturer of the high-quality moving walk, and we look forward to doing more business with them by buying more moving walk machine from them soon. Their high level of competence with a pedigree of quick delivery of products without any shortcomings in the degree of quality is noteworthy and highly commendable. We look forward to working with you again”


Are You In Need of High-Quality Moving walk?

You can depend on us to design and deliver to you a unique moving walk for your shopping mall.


We are a trustworthy, experienced, and well- known professional manufacturer of moving walk. We look forward to receiving your orders.

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