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Escalator Sent To A Client In Kunshan, Jiangsu On The 5th Of September

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When it comes to the manufacture of escalators, there are lots of manufacturers out there.


But for us at TongKuai Elevator(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. our firm determination to produce escalators of the best quality makes us to stand out in the industry.


We are a first class manufacturers of escalators, and we pride ourselves in manufacturing high-tech escalators with a difference. 


In the past, we have manufactured several high-tech custom-built escalators that add class and style to whatever environment they are in and we are known worldwide for our excellent services.


Our escalators are manufactured with very little carbon footprint, so they’re very environmentally friendly. They are also energy efficient and secure. 


They make the shopping environment distinctive and unforgettable. They are very aesthetically pleasing and create a graceful ambience in shopping malls 


Our escalators are also very affordable; compared to other manufacturers, our escalators are manufactured with the most quality materials and yet are economically friendly.  Frankly speaking, we do not aim to rip our customers off. 


Word of our value has spread fast across the globe, and we aim to deliver value at all times. This is how our client heard about us.


Earlier this year, we received great news about a need for us to manufacture a custom-built escalator for a client at Kunshan, Jiangsu. We were delighted! 


Asides the joy of having a new client, we love the work we do; we love manufacturing one of a kind product that makes life and business easier and more efficient.



When our client contacted us, they informed us that we came highly recommended and that they had high hopes. They explained their need for an escalator, detailing their specific requirements.


They informed us that our reputation precedes us and showed delight in working with us. We also were delighted to work with them!


We had a meeting with our client and as always, we asked questions and listened. We concluded our meeting by agreeing on a delivery date which we met with no hassle.



After obtaining all the necessary information and details, we got to work. Our team of engineers are some of the best in the world. 


They completed the manufacturing of the escalator even before the delivery date and ran it through several tests; we aim to only manufacture safe and long-lasting escalator.


We informed our client once we realized that the escalator was ready and we delivered the escalator to Kunshan, Jiangsu on the specified date. 


They were more than elated to receive and install it.  



Our Client’s Feedback


They loved the escalator.


They were delighted to receive it and boast of its great working condition. Here are a few of the words they had to say about us:


“The first thing that struck us about Tongkuai Elevators was their impeccable customer service. It is rare to have all the members of an organization deal with such professionalism and customer service. They were friendly and paid detailed attention to all of our needs. They asked us specific questions. When the escalator arrived, all of our expectations were exceeded. They had manufactured the escalators following our exact needs and requirements; ensuring that the escalator is easy to use and operate. We are definitely working with them again”


This was an exciting news!


Need an escalator or an elevator?

Contact us today for your escalators and allow us to surprise you with our impeccable professionalism.


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