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How does shopping cart escalator work

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About shopping cart escalators:


How does shopping cart escalator work

shopping cart escalator

Shopping carts have been a fixture in grocery stores for decades. But, there has been an evolution of shopping cart escalators in the past decade. Recently, some grocery stores have begun installing a new type of shopping cart escalator.


This new type of escalator is located at the entrance and exit of the store and is not attached to any particular aisle.


The Shopping Cart Escalator was invented by an American inventor named John F. Haughland in the 1980s. The escalator is designed to help shoppers who are carrying bulky items, such as large grocery bags, up an escalator.


One of its most noticeable features is that it makes use of a specially-designed low-rise shopping cart with wheels on the bottom to help the shopper push it up while standing on the step below.



There are many variables that can determine how a shopping cart escalator works. Since the design and application of the device is different for every store, it is difficult to tell you exactly what you should do to make your shopping cart escalator work.


One common misconception about shopping carts is that they should be left in place during transportation. When a wheel gets stuck on the escalator, it can cause major injuries as well as damage to the wheel and the escalator.


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