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What are shopping cart escalators

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About shopping cart escalators:


What are shopping cart escalators?


The advantages of shopping cart transportation equipment are short horizontal span and low construction price. The horizontal span is short, the first floor occupies an area, and the second floor has small openings, saving area. Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. 

shopping cart escalators

The shopping cart transportation equipment is non-specialized equipment, no annual inspection and acceptance, no installation and debugging, convenient hoisting and simple maintenance. The shopping environment is unique, and the separation of people and vehicles is safer.


Shopping cart escalators do not need to install a machine room on the top of the building and consider buffer pits on the ground floor. It takes up less space than an elevator. When a failure occurs, the escalator can be used as a general staircase instead of interrupting use when a failure occurs like an elevator. Weakness.


Precautions for shopping cart escalators


Pay attention to your feet, especially the comb plate. Do not let shoelaces, skirt corners, trousers, etc. get stuck between the comb plate and shopping cart escalators. Pay attention to your luggage and don’t miss it on the shopping cart escalators, so as not to affect the passage of passengers.


If you encounter someone involved in shopping cart escalators, you need to press the emergency stop button immediately. Regardless of the up and down direction, there should be a red emergency stop button under one side of the escalator. The button location is usually chosen where it will not be easily triggered, but it is actually easier to find as long as you pay attention to it. In non-emergency situations, do not press this button by mistake, otherwise a sudden shutdown may easily cause passengers to fall, tip over or step on.


What are the advantages of shopping cart escalators? Shopping cart escalators have the following advantages


1. Productivity means large conveying capacity, uniform flow of people, and continuous conveyance of people.


2. It is convenient to get on and off without needing a certain waiting time like an elevator, so the escalator has the advantage of continuous and rapid evacuation of a large number of people.


About shopping cart escalator supplier:


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