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What are the advantages of shopping cart escalators

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About shopping cart escalators:


What are the advantages of shopping cart escalators?


In order to solve the problem that the majority of shopping malls, supermarkets and shopping centers cannot install moving walks due to insufficient building structure space, or have installed escalators that cannot transport shopping carts up and down, which affects the shopping experience of customers. The shopping cart escalator newly developed by Suzhou TONGKUAI can be easily installed to enhance the shopping experience; at the same time, it can effectively avoid the sharing of transportation equipment between people and vehicles. Compared with the installation of ordinary moving walks, it can also save construction space. Shopping cart escalators can effectively improve the shopping mall. Space utilization.


shopping cart escalators


The shopping cart escalator is a special channel for shopping carts, which effectively prevents and eliminates the greater safety hazards that exist when customers push the escalator on the shopping cart by hand. The shopping cart escalator runs synchronously with the conventional escalator angle (30°, 35°), and is installed and used in parallel with the conventional escalator. It enables customers and shopping carts to use the upper and lower dedicated escalator channels simultaneously, making the customer's shopping experience safer, more comfortable, easy and convenient.


Advantages of shopping cart escalator:


● Entrance swing gate


Using infrared sensing technology, automatic induction, automatic opening of the gate, high safety performance, more intelligent control of shopping cart in and out.


● Height limit bar


Vehicle height is limited to prevent the goods from being stacked too high and improve safety.


● Stainless steel high guardrail


The stainless steel high guardrail design has excellent corrosion resistance and prevents the goods from falling during the operation of the shopping cart.


● Shopping cart


Universal shopping cart, decoupling modification, lower cost and more convenient modification.


Suzhou TONGKUAI thinks what customers think, helps customers solve practical problems, and improves customer shopping experience. In this era when the customer is God, shopping more easily can enhance the customer's sense of identity, retain more new and old customers, and achieve more profits. Suzhou TONGKUAI will continue to grow together with customers, win the market with reputation, and work together with customers for common development, mutual benefit and win-win.


About shopping cart escalator supplier:


Suzhou TONGKUAI Elevator is a leading Shopping cart escalator supplier, factory, manufacturer that focuses on Shopping cart escalator. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.

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