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What are the maintenance contents and requirements of shopping cart escalators

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About shopping cart escalators:


What are the maintenance contents and requirements of shopping cart escalators?


Understand the operation of shopping cart escalatorsTechnical regulations: ① Inquire about the operation and failure of the shopping cart escalators in this cycle to the supervisors, maintenance personnel and shopping cart escalators drivers of Party A; ② Check the shopping cart escalators emergency repair record.

shopping cart escalators

Inspection standards: ① Check the fault and repair records of shopping cart escalators; ② Check maintenance records and work visas.


Establish necessary maintenance safety measuresTechnical regulations: ①Before maintenance, safety railings and a sign of "shopping cart escalators are being repaired and prohibited from being used" must be set up (one on the top and bottom); ②When necessary during maintenance, the main power switch can be cut off, and the switch is hung on the switch. Maintenance, the sign of prohibiting closing; ③ If the maintenance step has been removed from the escalator, only the "maintenance box" is allowed to operate the escalator jog at the maintenance speed, and no one is allowed to stand on the step; ④ After the maintenance, the escalator must be checked Do not leave any sundries and tools inside.


Inspection standards: ①The railings and obstacles are required to be conspicuous and effectively prevent people from entering the site; ②Ensure that the shopping cart escalators are not started casually during maintenance; ③Especially when there are people in the stairs, the main power switch can be turned off, and if necessary locked.


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