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July, 2020: Delivery Of Escalator To A Client In Heze City, Shandong

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An escalator as we all know has been in existence for many decades now and the demand for this technological invention is on a rising as the day goes by.


Due to its essentiality especially where lifts would be impractical, or it can be used in a blend with them. It has the capacity to move large numbers of people at a particular time.


However, the invention of this machine has aided the stress and safe-energy of climbing a staircase especially in the principal areas of usage such as department stores, shopping malls, airports, transit systems (railway/railroad stations), convention centers, hotels, arenas, stadia, and public buildings.


As an experienced and renowned manufacturer, we invented first of its kind escalators, lifts, etc. which are used in moving goods as well as a human being.


Besides, our excellent service delivery in bringing out machines that are capable of easing the stress associated with climbing and carry the load on stairs and rails.


This has made our machines to be outstanding in the markets. In addition to we provide the clients with the perfect technical advice and instruction.


Also, we enhance the after-sale service to another form of product quality. We achieved this by regularly dispatching our team of repair and maintenance staff to our esteemed clients to test and maintain the escalators so that they can be rest-assured in using the escalator.


Lately, we enjoyed patronage from a trusted client from Heze city, Shandong for the supply of our high-quality escalators to their shopping mall.


Within the time frame given us, a fully assembled escalator was designed based on their exact specification received and this was done with the best materials.


The machine was tested to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the motor before being shipped to our client in Shandong.


As it is our usual practice, just within the expected time frame for the delivery of the  escalator to our client, the machine was shipped to Shandong where our technical staff installed and tested for it proper working in the presence of our client and his technical team.


The escalator shipped to our client in Shandong was another replica of our quality products delivered to our clients in different parts of the world, and the successful delivery of the escalator to Shandong was another achievement for us as a professional manufacturer various escalator.


Our Client’s Feedback?

After the successful shipping of the machine to our Shandong client, it was an impressive delivery, and they had this to say….

“Tongkuai Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. remains a trusted manufacturer of the high-quality elevator, and we look forward to buying more elevator machine from them soon. Their high level of expertise with a quick turn out on the product delivery without a compromise in quality is highly recommendable. We look forward to working with you again”


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You can rely on us to deliver and give you the best escalator for your shopping mall.


We are a reliable and well-known manufacturer with a good reputation. Looking forward to doing business with you.


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