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China Moving Walkway supplier

The manufacturers, factories, and suppliers of China Moving Walkway supplier are from China, and we are willing to cooperate with friends at home and abroad. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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About China Moving Walkway supplier


China Moving Walkway supplier plays an important role in our lives, and we can find it in many public and commercial buildings and even homes. China Moving Walkway supplier is a vertical transportation method that can move people and goods up and down the building. Elevators have high efficiency and fast running speed. They can play a significant role in the transportation industry and can also help disabled people who cannot go up and downstairs. And the elderly.


China Moving Walkway supplier


1. China Moving Walkway supplier is a necessary part of many buildings.


2. They allow people to move between floors without using stairs.


3. China Moving Walkway supplier can be used for public and private transportation.


4. Commonly used in large structures such as hospitals and office buildings.


5. Improper use of elevators can be very dangerous.


China Moving Walkway supplier


Suzhou TONGKUAI Elevator is a company that installs, repairs, and maintains elevators. Usually provide customers with a wide range of products and services. They may also offer other vertical transportation options, such as escalators and moving walks.

Q1: Payment Term?
A:T/T or L/C at sight

Q2.What is the warranty period?

A: 12 months after shipment

Q3: What is covered by warranty?

A: Within warrant period, replacement to any broken and defected parts will be provided. Parts in weight of less than 2KG will be delivered by DHL/UPS, while other parts will be delivered by SEA.

Q4. Installation  & Maintaining & Technical Support.
A:The complete documents including Installation manual will be delivered along with the elevator in the container .Remote technical support is available via email,  what`s app,  skype and etc.
If  necessary , a technician will be sent to assist you on the worksite upon your request.

Q5: How could I trust you?

A:We have exported to many countries, such as Mid East, Africa, Domestic Market, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe ,etc.

Q6:Could you accept trade assurance order?

A:Yes, we welcome any trade assurance order, and we have done more than 30 transactions in the past year.

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