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Safety Tips When Using An Airport Moving Walkway

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A moving walkway is a mechanism that conveys people in a slow movement from a place to another in an enclosed area. It is also referred to as a pavement or sidewalk moving, a travelator or people mover within a short distance. This is usually found in airports.


A moving walkway is mostly set up in pairs, both facing opposite ends for two different directions of people’s movements or destinations.


Therefore, a person can either walk or stand on an airport moving walkway with confidence.


This mechanism is detailed to give a smooth and pleasant trip. Similar to airport moving walkway is the escalator, which gives a up and down or floor to floor movement  ease and convenience.


Well, when considering to invest in an airport moving walkway, one important consideration you should factor into your plans is identifying and partnering with a reliable and a highly experienced manufacturer for your purchase.


With this, you will be very sure that the product you are investing in will be highly durably, very efficient and of the highest quality in terms of service delivery.


While using the airport moving walkway, there are certain tips and guides put in place and found useful for a smooth movement. These tips have been found necessary in ensuring an easy and safe movement.

 airport moving walkway

 Tips to be considered in the escalator or “airport moving walkway” are:

· Do not step on and off it without caution, especially when you wear bifocals

· Children are to be firmly held on to for safety purpose

· Hold on to the handrail while moving on or in the escalator and walkway respectively

· Enter escalator only when you are sure of its direction and the proper direction is noted

· Do not ride with carts, strollers, canes, etc

· Do not ride with a barefoot or shoelaces left improperly tied

· An inoperative escalator should not be misused as a stairway

· Sensitivity and consciousness is of a worthy note

· The sides below the handrail should be strictly avoided

· Use the elevator instead of the escalator if the latter is found not helpful.


Riding escalators and moving walkways demands the following instructions

· Facing forward, stand in the center of steps on the escalator

· Unmoving passengers should not loiter on moving walkways, they should maintain the right side of the escalator to give way for moving passengers

· Let your feet not touch the sides of the escalator

· Handrail must be held firmly to maintain balancing

· Handbags should not be carelessly left idle on the handrail

· Be sensitive to your surroundings and endeavor to put focus on the working walkway. All distractions must be avoided.

· Do not run on a moving escalator, it is hazardous.

· Children are to be kept by the side for easy monitoring of their rides.

 airport moving walkway

 Do not exit the escalator without the following instructions

· Step off the escalator in time

· Do not hinder other passengers behind you, exit the escalator area as soon as you step off.


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