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TONGKUAI escalator applies advanced international technology and first-class design concept for manufacture. It reduces welding craft & technology. It increases high strength screw and positioning pin. It ensures smooth operation, low noise, durable, convenient repair etc. It provides vast passengers with bright beautiful and comfortable travel through fine and exquisite structure, advanced stairway, delicate belt deluxe and attractive outline. It lets you appreciate extraordinary charm and luxurious manner of modem buildings.

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Netizen’s contribution: When I was traveling in Chengdu, I saw that Chengdu Renhe Spring International Plaza has a special elevator for shopping carts. It is very advanced and novel. My supermarket also needs such equipment, but I don’t know where the manufacturer is, so I came to find a small elevator. Edited to help find.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers


The editor searched: This kind of elevator that specializes in transporting shopping carts is called shopping cart transportation equipment. It has been in China as early as 2012. It is a special equipment for supermarkets independently developed and manufactured by TRUMPF Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Except for Chengdu, this kind of shopping cart transportation equipment exists in supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi, and Shanxi, which can be regarded as spread all over the country. The editor collected these pictures.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers


The TRUMPF elevator manufacturer has not done any advertising before. Do you want to steal such a good equipment?


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers


Shopping cart transportation equipment and escalators are used side by side, realizing the perfect replacement and surpassing of commercial and super sidewalks.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers, supplier, factory


A variety of arrangements to create customized products for customers.


Same effect, spend less money;


Customers are easy to accept and there is demand in the market.


Advantages of shopping cart transportation equipment:


1. The horizontal span is short and the cost of civil engineering is low.


2. The horizontal span is short, the first floor occupies an area, and the opening on the second floor is small, saving area.


3. Low power, energy saving and environmental protection.


4. The shopping cart transportation equipment is not special equipment, no annual inspection and acceptance, no installation and debugging, convenient hoisting and simple maintenance.


5. The shopping environment is unique, and the separation of people and vehicles is safer.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers, supplier, factory


"Shopping cart transportation equipment" has become very popular in European and American countries as a very mature and practical special equipment for supermarkets. In more than 100 cities in China, the shopping cart transportation equipment of TRUMPF elevators can also be seen running smoothly. In the near future, shopping cart transportation equipment will also be popular throughout the country, setting off a wave of innovation in the elevator industry.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers, supplier, factory


Recruiting agents: TRUMPF Elevator sincerely recruits agents for shopping elevator transportation equipment, with generous profits and full support. For cooperative agents, TRUMPF Elevator provides free shopping elevator professional knowledge and sales skills training, and promises to answer questions on WeChat 24 hours a day.


China shopping cart escalator manufacturers, supplier, factory


What is shopping cart escalator? The escalator is a combination of a chain conveyor with a special structure and two belt conveyors with a special structure. It has a circular movement ladder to move up or down between different floors of the building. Stationary electric drive equipment that transports passengers obliquely. A continuous conveying machine that carries people up and down. Introduction An escalator is a fixed electric drive device with circular running steps that is used to tilt up or down to transport passengers.


China Escalator service


China Suzhou TONGKUAI Elevator is a professional shopping cart escalator manufacturer, Passenger Elevator, Moving Walkway,Home Elevator, Escalator Supplier, We particularly specialize in the development and manufacturing of new products. 


TONGKUAI Escalator


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Q1: Payment Term?
A:T/T or L/C at sight

Q2.What is the warranty period?

A: 12 months after shipment

Q3: What is covered by warranty?

A: Within warrant period, replacement to any broken and defected parts will be provided. Parts in weight of less than 2KG will be delivered by DHL/UPS, while other parts will be delivered by SEA.

Q4. Installation  & Maintaining & Technical Support.
A:The complete documents including Installation manual will be delivered along with the elevator in the container .Remote technical support is available via email,  what`s app,  skype and etc.
If  necessary , a technician will be sent to assist you on the worksite upon your request.

Q5: How could I trust you?

A:We have exported to many countries, such as Mid East, Africa, Domestic Market, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe ,etc.

Q6:Could you accept trade assurance order?

A:Yes, we welcome any trade assurance order, and we have done more than 30 transactions in the past year.

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