TONGKUAI promotes High technology, High Technology advances the world

First Of A Kind Shopping Cart Escalator From China

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It was right next to the step escalator.

Just push your shopping cart in and it will ride up to the top.

Safe, energy-saving and economical, we've been making efforts for a better tomorrow.

TONGKUAI ELEVATOR is the first of shopping cart escalator manufacture.

Every innovation is a revolution of logistics and safety.

TONGKUAI ELEVATOR spurs on high tech, High tech greatly influences the world .

Detail Display Quality

  • Shopping Cart Escalator. Shopping environment distinctive.

  • Small footprint More economical.

  • Intelligent vehicle identification. More energy efficient.

  • One car separation. A more secure.

Tongkuai Elevator Shopping Cart Escalator

Comprehensive planning to meet your needs.
  • Long life

  • More advanced

  • Lower noise

  • More secure

  • Strong general-purpose

  • Monitored running

  • Elegant and attractive

  • High efficiency & energy-saving

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Plan D

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Plan A & Plan B

Escalator joint

Plan A & Plan B


Plan C

Single row

Plan D

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Trumpf Shopping Trolleys Series

Trumpf shopping trolley Introduction

Trumpf shopping trolley introduction. Main body frame of the trolley is made by highstrength hard drawn steel. Crossbeam is made by compression molding technology, integrally welded by autonomous robots. Basket is integrally welded wth solid round steel, undercoat is galvanized, surface is electrophoresis or spray corrosion processed.

The whole part is designed rationally, durable and meets virtually all kinds of safety requirements. Max loading capacity of 90L trolley is 100KG, max loading capacity of 125L trolley has reached 130kg.

Sample Name

Trolley modelDistance between front wheels(A)Distance between real wheels(B)HandleC width(C)HandleD width(D)Front and rear wheel sections are(E)HookC type pipe bottom high(F)Wheel diameterBasket capacityTrolly size(G*H*I*J*K)

Tongkuai Shopping Cart Escalator Engineering Case


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